Things To Do at DeGray Lake 


DeGray Lake Resort State Park has six trails for guests to enjoy alone or on a scheduled, park interpreter guided hike. Each of DeGray’s trails takes you into a unique area of the park. In order to preserve the beauty of the park and its trails, bicycles and motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trails. Please protect DeGray’s environment by leaving plants, rocks and wildlife alone as well as helping to keep the trails clean of litter.

DeGray Lake Resort State Park has several Geocaches within the park boundaries for those who participate in, or are interested in learning about this global high-tech treasure hunt.

Notice: To preserve scenic beauty and ecology, fences and warning signs have not been installed in some park locations. Caution and supervision of your children are required while visiting these areas.

We also have the Islets Cove Paddle Trail. Nestled along DeGray Lake’s north shore adjacent to the state park, this three-mile loop trail leads paddlers in and out of tranquil coves and along forested shores that support an abundance of flora and fauna, offering excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.  Trail accessibility is determined by lake level, which is typically ideal between January-July.

Watch Our Trail Videos Below: