Delta Heritage Trail

Delta Heritage Trail State Park

  • Trail Type: Day Hikes, Mountain Biking
  • | Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: Currently 47.5 miles
  • Time: Time: limited access -- trail is in its early development stage hiking time Hiking times may vary.

What to know

The Delta Heritage Trail is a rail-to-trail conversion that was acquired by Arkansas State Parks in 1993. Almost 30 miles near Helena have been completed and are open to hikers and bicyclists looking for an experience in some of the most remote and scenic areas remaining in eastern Arkansas' Mississippi Delta. There are also 13 miles of rails-to-trail and 15.5 miles of paved levee on the south end in Desha County. Call for updated information.

You can print the map to the complete Delta Heritage Trail by clicking here. It is also Geo-Enhanced and can be downloaded for use with smartphone application like Avenza Maps. Please refer to the application instructions for use.

Here are the segments of the trail:
5539 Hwy 49
Helena-West Helena, AR 72390
5539 Hwy 49 , Helena-West Helena: -90.7583, 34.554222
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