Delta Heritage Trail State Park

Enjoy wildlife viewing and bird watching opportunities along the Delta Heritage Trail...
Delta Heritage Trail State Park ...
Kayaking at Delta Heritage Trail State Park ...
Bicycling is a family favorite at Delta Heritage Trail State Park...
Magical sunsets at Delta Heritage Trail State Park ...
The Delta Heritage Trail stretches through a shaded canopy of native hardwoods, alongside agricultur...
Delta Heritage Trail State Park in southeast Arkansas is a "rails to trails" initiative...

What to know

Every visit to Delta Heritage Trail State Park is one to remember. Walking or riding along the packed gravel path, you may encounter a variety of wildlife and plants. When the rail-to-trail project is complete, it will be an astounding 85-miles long. Currently the completed northern portion is 21 miles between Lexa and Elaine, with an additional 14 miles on the south end from Arkansas City to Rowher. Eventually, the trail will cross the White and Arkansas rivers. There are currently six trailheads, and you can experience different sights and sounds at each one. This park provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the Delta by foot or bike with family and friends. Trailhead restrooms available at Barton, Elaine, and Arkansas City.

The Arkansas City Trailhead includes a multi-use building designed in the style of historic rail depots that houses administrative functions, bathhouse facilities, and an open pavilion. Visitors can also enjoy picnic areas, a water fountain, a bicycle repair station, two oversized tent pads for camping visitors, and a large group charcoal grill. Interpretative elements will provide information on the DHT, background on the history surrounding the new building, interpretative wayside panels, and local recreational offerings.

The trail is being built in phases by Arkansas State Parks. When completed, the rails to trails portion will stretch from six miles west of Helena to Rohwer. From there, the trail will extend via the Mississippi River levee to Arkansas City. To date, 35 miles of the DHT corridor have been developed, including 20.6 miles of trail to trail in the northern reach (Helena Junction to Elaine) and a 14.4 mile shared-use roadway in the southern reach (Arkansas City to Rohwer).

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