Kayla Gomance
Morning on DeGray Lake
Mist over DeGray lake during sunrise.

In the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, resting on the shores of a pristine 13,800-acre lake lies DeGray Lake Resort State Park. This park offers a wide range of amenities and experiences to choose from. Overnight accommodations range from a 94-room island lodge to 113 campsites to three yurts!

No matter if you are a camper or a glamper, an overnight stay here will bring you the morning spoils of glimmering lake views or tuck you away under the shelter of pines.

Come find the power of serenity by watching the day begin at DeGray Lake Resort State Park.

Alt / description:

In this unnarrated video, the scene is an expansive view of the morning sun hitting a calm lake with fog rolling through. Pastel colors are in the sky. Audio is a flock of Canada geese nearby.