Waymon Cox
The West Drain at Crater of Diamonds State Park
The West Drain at Crater of Diamonds State Park

One of Arkansas' most unique natural attractions is Crater of Diamonds State Park. Located in Murfreesboro, this site hosts thousands of visitors each year.

A volcanic pipe erupted here around 100 million years ago, bringing diamonds to the surface. Today, park guests search for their own genuine diamonds in a 37.5-acre plowed field atop the volcanic crater. In addition to diamonds, Crater of Diamonds State Park features many other natural treasures for you to discover and enjoy.

The West Drain is one of the park’s gems that’s a little off the beaten path. This wide, shallow trench contours the western edge of the diamond search area, sloping gently to the south among colorful jasper, red sandstone, and green lamproite. Water flows into the drain from a nearby spring, nourishing a variety of grasses and wildflowers. Whether searching for diamonds or exploring nature, many visitors appreciate the tranquility of the West Drain.

As you enjoy this peaceful video, watch for the butterfly that lights along the water’s edge. Visit the West Drain in person and see what other nature you can discover.

Video Description: In this unnarrated video, viewers see a close-up of water running between green and gray rocks in a field. Clear water trickles into a shallow pool among jasper, sandstone, and lamproite. Birds settle in nearby trees as a warm spring breeze wafts the grass, and a hackberry emperor butterfly flutters lazily along the water’s edge.