Pearl Jangjiravat
Freshwater jellyfish swimming in Lake Ponder at Crowley's Ridge State Park. They are translucent
Freshwater Jellyfish at Crowley's Ridge State Park

Freshwater jellyfish are fascinating animals that you can sometimes observe at Crowley’s Ridge State Park while pedal boating on Lake Ponder. Located in northeast Arkansas, this park exists in part to safeguard the natural resources found within, like the freshwater jellyfish and its habitat.

The presence of the freshwater jellyfish indicates a healthy water condition because the adult jellyfish can only exist within the pollution-free zone of pH 6.5 – 7. Freshwater jellyfish are not harmful to humans because their stings are too small to penetrate the human skin.

They consume macroinvertebrates and are food sources for turtles and crayfish. The result of environmental conservation is the happy swarm of freshwater jellyfish displayed in this video. Can you think of something you can do to help keep the water clean?