Cathy Combs
Village Creek with green trees around the banks

The multi-use trails at Village Creek State Park offer many opportunities to discover the beauty of Crowley’s Ridge.  

Village Creek State Park, located in eastern Arkansas just 40 miles of Memphis, has a mission of connecting visitors with a unique feature of the Delta: Crowley’s Ridge. The park offers over 33 miles of trails through ridge tops, ravines, and valleys.  

Consider the creek for which the park was named: It meanders and twists, carving into the fine soil of the Ridge, exposing roots, rock, and the occasional fossil. No more than a whisper over the rocks, the creek speaks to all who will listen. It speaks to us of history, of the land’s unique past—an ancient island shaped by water and wind. It speaks to us of diversity. As leaves fall in its waters, one’s eyes are directed to trees that are rare to this part of the state. It speaks to us of survival. The creek provides an escape for both visitors and wildlife alike. 

Come by the creek and sit for a while. The more you listen, the more you will hear.