Jenn Menge
The cool, refreshing, and healing waters of the historic Three Sisters Springs still flow freely today for visitors from all over to enjoy.

The historic Three Sisters Springs at Lake Ouachita State Park has been a source of health, healing, and relaxation since its earliest recorded discovery in the late 1800s. Lake Ouachita State Park exists, in part, to protect the history of the springs and provide opportunities for visitors to hear its story.

The cold spring water was said to have various healing abilities and its uses ranged from drinking water for locals to a health resort for visitors from all over the country. Though the area is no longer used as a resort, the three individual springs still flow freely for park visitors to enjoy to this day.

As you enjoy the video of the Three Sisters Springs, imagine the rejuvenating power of the cool water.

Video Description: Cold water flows from three individual springs at the Three Sisters Springs area of Lake Ouachita State Park. Part of the video is in slow motion.