Alex Hedegard
Cypress tress at Lake Chicot State Park

Lake Chicot is a giant C-shaped oxbow lake, spanning 22 miles, that was once part of the Mississippi River centuries ago. Located in southeast Arkansas, part of Lake Chicot State Park’s mission is to provide recreational and interpretive opportunities based around the park’s main focal point, and namesake, Lake Chicot.

Today, Lake Chicot serves as a “C” (sea) of discovery, delivering a pristine baldcypress ecosystem that provides both beauty and a healthy haven for much of Lake Chicot State Park’s wildlife.

As you watch this video, imagine what wildlife lives here.


Alt / description:

In this unnarrated video, the scene is from the point of view of floating through the baldcypress trees in Lake Chicot. The camera starts out looking up to tree tops, then pans down to a view of the horizon and lake. Many trees surround the boater and the water is calm with small ripples. Audio is the soft sounds of water lapping and nature sounds from the surrounding forest.