Ryan Smith
Louisiana Purchase State Park Marker

Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park is in the Delta region of eastern Arkansas near Brinkley. This park protects the initial point of surveys for lands acquired by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase. A designated National Historic Landmark, a granite monument marks the location of the initial point and is accessible by an elevated boardwalk into one of the few remaining headwater swamps of the region. The natural significance of the site is recognized by its listing on the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission’s Registry of Natural Areas. By visiting Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park, you can experience the natural landscape the 1815 surveyors journeyed through, as they created a legacy that reached across the world.  

Video Description: Journey with Park Interpreter Ryan as he takes you on a virtual tour of Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park. The notes taken of the landscape by the 1815 surveyors will come alive as you enter the swamp. While under towering water locust trees and dodging bald cypress knees like those that dominated the swamp in 1815, discover the equipment used by the 1815 surveyors in the process of carving the land into property boundaries we know of today. This video takes you to the granite monument commemorating the initial point and reflects on how many nations and their conflicts are rooted in the story of the spot. Contact the park by email, [email protected], or by phone at (870) 572-2352 for more information. Please consider a visit to the park to experience this historic place for yourself!