Arkansas State Parks Staff
Eagle Watch Tours at Arkansas State Parks

State parks are an incredible way to experience and discover the nature around you. From finding local flowers and plants to observing wildlife, there is no greater classroom than a state park. 

One of the most awe-inspiring birds you can witness is the Bald Eagle. Once endangered, the Bald Eagle has made an encouraging comeback and now nests along rivers and lake shores throughout the state. Now, you can find our national emblem in dozens of sites across Arkansas, particularly along shores of lakes and rivers. The most common time to experience Bald Eagle sightings is in the winter, when migrant birds arrive from more-northern regions. 

Explore some of the best places to view Bald Eagles in Arkansas or find a guided eagle watching tour.

Bull Shoals-White River State Park – stretching along the riverside and lakeshore where the White River flows from Bull Shoals Lake, these waters are very attractive for Bald Eagles on the hunt. Find a Bull Shoals eagle watch tour here.

Crowley’s Ridge State Park – some of the most interesting flora and fauna can be found in this geological wonder. The ridge stretches miles and is great place to view a Bald Eagle. Find a Crowley’s Ridge eagle watch tour here.

DeGray Lake Resort State Park – this 13,800-acre park is not only perfect for fishing and water sports. During the winter, it houses Bald Eagles and you can catch a boat tour to try and spot our nation’s bird. Find a DeGray Lake eagle watch tour here.

Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area – as the largest state park, the land is expansive. For the best chance to spot a Bald Eagle, walk along the shores of Beaver Lake. Find a Hobbs eagle watch tour here.

Lake Dardanelle State Park – this park features an expansive lake and serves as a reservoir on the Arkansas River. That makes it home to thousands of varieties of birds, including ducks, gulls, pelicans, and, of course, Bald Eagles. Find a Lake Dardanelle eagle watch tour here.

Lake Ouachita State Park – known for it’s vast lake, this park is the perfect place to spot water birds, as well as birds of prey including the Bald Eagle. Find a Lake Ouachita eagle watch tour here.

Mississippi River State Park – with seven different bodies of water throughout the park, you can float through the baldcypress that line the bayous and shores for a chance to spot a Bald Eagle, along with herons, egrets, and more. Find a Mississippi River eagle watch tour here.

Mount Magazine State Park – at Arkansas’s highest point, you’re sure to see spectacular vistas and discover a world of natural flora and fauna, including the Bald Eagle soaring above the valley. Find a Mount Magazine eagle watch tour here.