Petit Jean Trails, Waterfalls & Overlooks

Petit Jean State Park Hiking Trails and Overlooks

Hiking Trails

Get information on the more than 20 miles of hiking trails in Arkansas that will lead you through Petit Jean's natural and historic resources. Walk to the spectacular 95 foot Cedar Falls, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Arkansas, meander through ancient geology on the Seven Hollows Trail, or enter Rock House Cave and view ancient pictographs.


Rising 1,120 feet above the Arkansas River Valley, Petit Jean Mountain offers sweeping views and many overlooks from which to enjoy them.

Petit Jean's Gravesite at Stout's Point on the mountain's East Brow is Petit Jean State Park's most well-known overlook. This is a peaceful place to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Arkansas River below and learn about the romantic legend of Petit Jean. An elevated, barrier-free walkway including wayside exhibits affords views from different points around Stout's Point. Legend tells of the young French girl who disguised herself as a cabin boy so she could secretly accompany her fiancé to the "New World". Petit Jean became fatally ill and requested to be buried here. From this point, you can view the Arkansas River, Lock and Dam #9, Blue Point, and Ada Valley.

The Mary Ann Richter Overlook on Red Bluff Drive offers views toward other mountains including nearby 1,350-foot Mount Nebo and distant Mount Magazine, Arkansas's high point at 2,753 feet. Dardanelle Rock, Carden Bottoms and Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge are also visible from this overlook.

Further down Red Bluff Drive, the CCC Overlook is on the bluff of Cedar Creek Canyon. Built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, this native stone overlook offers views of the Canyon and the Petit Jean River.

At the Palisades Overlook on Ark. 154, you can look down into Cedar Creek Canyon or across to the CCC Overlook on the opposite rim. This overlook is an excellent viewpoint for watching the sunset over the Arkansas River Valley.

The Cedar Falls Overlook is a vantage point high above 95-foot Cedar Falls, one of the most photographed waterfalls in Arkansas. A barrier-free walkway with wayside exhibits leads down to this overlook.