About DeGray Lake Resort State Park


In order to provide superior service for all our guests, DeGray Lake Resort State Park strives to make as many of the park facilities and amenities accessible to handicapped visitors as possible. Handicap parking is available throughout the park. Please refer to the codes at right to determine accessibility for each facility. 

Guide to Accessibility Symbols

  • A - ACCESSIBLE: Facility is barrier free or has minor barriers that can usually be overcome with little difficulty.
  • R - REASONABLY ACCESSIBLE: Facility has barriers making access difficult; however, with assistance these barriers can usually be overcome.
  • I - INACCESSIBLE: Facility has barriers that are difficult or impossible to overcome even with assistance.

Accessibility information for this park and other Arkansas State Parks is available in a printable PDF format:

Accessibility Guide

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Facility Code
Amphitheater R
Bathhouse A
Swim Beach R
Boat Dock A
Campsites A
Dump Station A
Exhibits A
Lodge Rooms A
Marina R
Pavilion A
Picnic Sites A
Playground A
Pool A
Restaurant A
Restrooms A
Store A
Tennis Courts A
Trails I