Digging for Diamonds

Diamond Discovery Center

At the Crater of Diamonds State Park, you will dig for diamonds in a 37 1/2-acre plowed field, the eroded surface of an ancient volcanic crater. This is the eighth largest, diamond-bearing deposit in surface area in the world.

You'll pass through the park's Diamond Discovery Center on your way to the diamond search area. This engaging interpretive center will serve as your gateway to the search area by offering an in-depth introduction to the unique adventure of searching for diamonds. Tour the exhibits. Visit with the park interpretive staff. Here you will learn to recognize diamonds in the rough and the three different search methods used here at the Crater of Diamonds. You will also be introduced to the diamond hunters' Hall of Fame, featuring photographs of the faces of successful diamond prospectors at the Crater of Diamonds.

Watch the on-demand, instructional diamond mining video or one of the diamond searching demonstrations by a park interpreter. In this building you'll rent the digging tools and screens for diamond prospecting. This is where you will return later to have your material identified by a park staff member. If you find a diamond, it will be certified here, too.

This two-level, barrier-free building also includes restrooms. The upper level features an open-air pavilion and a 1,600-square-foot classroom.

crater of diamonds diamond discovery center