Digging for Diamonds

What Should I Bring?

Where can diamonds be found within the park? Visitors have found plenty of gems both on top of and in the soil. Tools are not necessary for diamond seeking, and a good way to search is to walk up and down the rows looking for diamonds lying on top of the ground. However, most diamond hunters like to dig in the soil. Therefore, you have the options of bringing your own tools from home, or you may purchase or rent tools here at the park.

You may use anything that is not battery or motor operated for transporting equipment in and out of the search area. Park visitors bring anything from small flowerbed trowels to full size shovels for digging. Some choose to make their own sifting screens and bring them.

If you choose to get tools at the park, you may purchase small flowerbed trowels and cultivators at the park. If you prefer renting tools, the park offers several different size shovels and screens from which to choose. The most commonly rented items are listed below. Along with the rental fee, a deposit is charged on each item. This deposit is refunded when the equipment is returned in good condition.

Rental equipment is available at the Diamond Discovery Center and includes the items listed below. Rental prices are per day and tax is not included.

Rental Equipment Available Throughout the Year

Equipment Daily rent plus tax Deposit
Small wooden box screen $4 $20
3.5 gallon plastic bucket $4 $10
Folding Army shovel
Shovel (long or short handle)
Knee Pads $4 $5
Screen Set $5 $20
Saruca (finishing screen) $5 $40
Wagon $8 $40
Basic Diamond Hunting Kit $12 $45
(folding shovel, screen set, 3.5 gallon bucket)
Advanced Diamond Hunting Kit $15 $70
(folding shovel, screen set, 3.5 gallon bucket, saruca)

Enclosed Storage Pens $5 per day or $60 per month