Digging for Diamonds

Latest Finds

Diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow. The three colors found here at the park are white, brown, and yellow, in that order. Park staff at the Diamond Discovery Center provide free identification and certification of diamonds found here. Amethyst, garnet, jasper, agate, quartz, and more rocks and minerals may also be found at the Crater of Diamonds, making the park a rock hound’s paradise. Check out What Diamonds Look Like for more details. 

The average size of a diamond is about the size of a paper match head, approximately 20-25 points weight. Points are a measurement of diamond weight. There are 100 points in a carat.

Date of FindHome State of VisitorWeightColor
4/19/2024Arkansas0ct. 44pt.White
4/18/2024Texas0ct. 2pt.White
4/18/2024Texas0ct. 3pt.White
4/18/2024Texas0ct. 2pt.White
4/17/2024Arkansas0ct. 1pt.White
4/17/2024Louisiana0ct. 2pt.White
4/17/2024Washington0ct. 22pt.White
4/16/2024Mississippi0ct. 5pt.Yellow
4/16/2024Arkansas0ct. 9pt.White
4/16/2024Missouri0ct. 62pt.White
4/15/2024Wisconsin0ct. 4pt.White
4/15/2024Alabama0ct. 28pt.White
4/15/2024Arkansas0ct. 1pt.White
4/14/2024Arkansas0ct. 10pt.Yellow
4/14/2024Arkansas0ct. 4pt.White
4/14/2024Arkansas0ct. 1pt.White
4/14/2024Arkansas0ct. 4pt.Brown
4/13/2024Louisiana0ct. 21pt.White
4/13/2024Missouri0ct. 8pt.White
4/12/2024Arkansas0ct. 5pt.White
4/12/2024Arkansas0ct. 10pt.White
4/12/2024Arkansas0ct. 43pt.White
4/12/2024Texas0ct. 5pt.White
4/12/2024Wisconsin0ct. 3pt.White
4/12/2024Colorado0ct. 5pt.White
4/12/2024Arkansas0ct. 4pt.White
4/11/2024Arkansas0ct. 1pt.White
4/11/2024Colorado0ct. 11pt.White
4/11/2024Kansas0ct. 9pt.White
4/10/2024Colorado0ct. 3pt.White
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