Arkansas State Parks Staff
Paddleboarding on Lake Ouachita

Lake Ouachita State Park exists, in part, to provide access to Lake Ouachita – a haven for watersport enthusiasts. The sport of stand up paddleboarding has been steadily growing in popularity over the years. Stand up paddleboarding is an enjoyable form of exercise and a great way to explore any body of water, especially Lake Ouachita.

Check out the video for an immersive Lake Ouachita paddleboard experience or visit Lake Ouachita State Park to rent a paddleboard and try it out for yourself!

Video Description: A person uses a paddle to propel an inflatable board on the surface of a lake surrounded by green forest. At 0:39 a dragonfly lands on the paddleboard. At 0:52 the paddler jumps off the board and splashes into the lake. A black slide closes the video with the message: Want to try it? Visit Lake Ouachita State Park and rent a stand up paddleboard.