Devil’s Den State Park has been a haven for mountain bikers for nearly 30 years, and this April is no exception.  This weekend (April 7-9, 2017) the park will celebrate its 29th Annual Mountain Bike Festival. Cyclists are always welcome to ride on one of the first mountain bike trails built in the state. However, the festival gives participants an opportunity to go on group rides with like-minded cyclists.

Guided rides will be geared from the beginner rider to the more experienced cyclist.  Some of the rides are strictly for fun while others will focus on enhancing your riding skills.  The kids are not forgotten; there will be an obstacle course with “skinny’s” and teeter-totters to practice on. Scroll down for the full schedule.

Today, you will find mountain bike trails throughout the state, especially in Northwest and Central Arkansas. But the idea for the Ozark Mountain Bike Festival started 32 years ago when mountain bikes were just arriving on the scene in Arkansas state parks.  In 1988, park staff traveled to the Fat Tire Festival in Crested Butte, Colorado, to observe the event.  Devil’s Den State Park had its first festival in 1989. Basically, the rest is history and Devil’s Den is often considered the birthplace of mountain biking in Arkansas.


29th Annual Ozark Mountain Bike Festival at Devil's Den State Park 2017 Schedule