Cara Curtis
Mississippi River State Park Interpreter Cara with Dutch Oven

In this short video, join Park Interpreter Cara for a virtual experience using a cast-iron Dutch oven to create a squirrel and rice meal. By exploring the story of this regional comfort food, you’ll see that each ingredient reflects how past communities used the land that became Mississippi River State Park.

While the food cooks, you’ll even travel to different locations within the park to see some of the changes made over time.

Located in eastern Arkansas, Mississippi River State Park provides quality access to the surrounding St. Francis National Forest, and aims to inspire personal connections with the Mississippi River, Arkansas Delta, and Crowley’s Ridge. The park’s location within, and partnership with, the St. Francis National Forest make it the first park of its kind in the state!

You have many opportunities to connect with nature here: three campgrounds and lakes, two scenic byways, one of the only public accesses to the Mississippi River, and multiple hiking trails to explore. Contact the park for more information about adventures to be had.