Things to Do at Queen Wilhelmina


The natural beauty of the mountain, and a close- up view of the flowers and wildlife, will beckon you to experience the four trails in this park. Whether it's the blossoms of spring flowers, or the blaze of fall foliage, each trail brings new sights and sounds as one season changes to another. The Spring Trail will lead you along an adventure through the woodlands below the Wonder House, built in 1931. The Reservoir Trail falls swiftly to the old stone reservoir, which is one of the few reminders of the 1898 lodge that once graced the mountain. The Lover's Leap trail winds through the woods to an overlook on the south face of the mountain. This is a place where an Indian maiden once took her own life--or so legends say. The Ouachita Trail meanders through the park, beginning to the west of the park near Talihina, Oklahoma and ending near Pinnacle Mountain, just northwest of Little Rock, Arkansas.