Ozark Folk Center Craft Village

Meet The Folks!

Judi Munn - Potter
When Judi Munn was young, she told her mother that she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. Her mother told her that artists have holes in their socks.

So Judi went to college, got her teaching certificate and her master’s degree. But Art has a strong voice. When Judi had a chance to apprentice with potters Becki and David Dahlsted at the Ozark Folk Center, she took it.

Now Judi Munn is an award-winning potter – and her art is so beautiful no one will notice if she has holes in her socks.

Paula Lane - Shuckery
With a pixie grin on her face, Paula Lane greets visitors to the Doll and Toy Shop at the Ozark Folk Center. “Welcome to the Doll Shop,” says the woman who looks like everyone’s favorite kindergarten teacher.

Actually, Paula really is a school teacher. She retired from teaching and returned to her roots here in Mountain View, Arkansas. In addition to her way with children and the delight she brings to them as she teaches them to tie their own dolls, she inherited the Ozark Storytelling gene. Adults love to sit and listen to Paula as she ties whimsical corn shuck dolls and shares tales of her mother’s family.

Charles and Linda Widmer - Casting and Jewelry
From the humblest of beginnings – a cheeseburger and wood carving – came the elegance and beauty that is Widmer’s Jewelry Shop in the Ozark Folk Center craft village.

Charles and Linda Widmer met when she was working as a waitress.  “He walked in and ordered a cheeseburger,” she said. “We left town together three days later.”

“I had to get back to Silver Dollar City,” said Charles, who worked there carving wood. “That was 30 years ago.”

He smiles across at Linda. “I’m getting old, she’s not.”