Ozark Folk Center Craft Village

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Heritage Herb Garden

The Ozark Folk Center State Park is home to one of the most diverse organic herb gardens in the nation and is made up of many different types of gardens planted throughout the park. The Heritage Herb Garden and the Greenhouse are made possible, in part, by the generosity of the Committee of 100, a women's organization dedicated to the mission of the Ozark Folk Center.

The plants of the Heritage Herb Garden are old-time pass-a-long plants, members of our herb collections such as rosemary, scented geranium, sages, mints, and coneflowers, and are arranged in cottage garden planting.

About Our Gardens

We invite you to experience our gardens by using all your senses. During herb workshops, pet the furry lamb's ear leaves. Gently pinch and smell the mint, basil and oregano. Listen to the buzzing of the bumblebee working the flowers. And see all the beautiful colors and variances of flowers and plants in our gardens.

Find medicinal herbs used for home remedies or by yarb doctors or see herbs used to produce dyes. Explore scented herbs or edible herbs. With more than a dozen distinct herb gardens no garden enthusiast will be disappointed.

Whether your interest are in the culture of herbs, from organic herb gardening and container gardening to cooking with herbs, we invite you to join one of our garden workshops today.