Heather Runyan
Deer grazing at Village Creek State Park

Village Creek State Park in eastern Arkansas is almost 7,000 acres of land set aside to protect the natural, cultural, and historical resources of Crowley’s Ridge.  

This park offers a chance for survival to many white-tailed deer. Natural resources that are protected here give the deer plenty of spaces to make their homes. The wide variety of plants that grow here provide the deer with food. Also, deer, like all wildlife in the park, are protected from hunting and harassment. All these things together mean that our deer herds are strong and plentiful.  

Many of our guests come to Village Creek State Park specifically to see the deer that can be found at dusk grazing in the campgrounds and open spaces. Because leaders chose to set aside this land for the protection of our resources, we will continue to see healthy herds living here for generations to come.  

What can you do to help the wildlife where you live? 

Video description: In this un-narrated video, nine white-tailed deer graze on the grass next to a campsite in the park’s Equestrian Campground, with the forest in the background.