Heather Runyan
Sunset at Logoly State Park
Sunset at Logoly State Park

Sometimes called “The Living Laboratory,” Logoly State Park is located in southwest Arkansas and was established as the state's first environmental education park. Sometimes the wildlife in that living laboratory are hard to see, but the natural music at the pond is a great way to experience the life found here.

Among the bugs, frogs, and bird sounds, there is a full chorus performing for whoever is willing to stop and listen, especially around sunset. Take a moment to enjoy the sounds of Logoly State Park and then go out and discover your own sunset chorus, wherever you may be.

Video description:

In this unnarrated video, the scene is of a small pond surrounded by grasses and tall trees. A sunset sky is overhead with pastel pink and purple clouds. Audio includes the sounds of the frogs, insects, and birds in the forest.