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Mountain biking the monument trails at Devil's Den State Park

Devil’s Den State Park is considered the home of Arkansas mountain biking. In the late 1980s, the park developed the first designated mountain bike trail in the state park system, Fossil Flats. Along with the trail came the first mountain bike festival, The Ozark Mountain Bike Festival. It’s still going strong today.  

Other mountain bike trails have come and gone in the park, but Fossil Flats has remained as a destination spot for mountain bikers. The trail was recently upgraded to Monument Trail status and we were quickly reminded why the terrain of this area in lower Washington County was perfect for mountain biking. Now seven more Monument Trails have opened at Devil's Den State Park.

Two mountain bikers coming around a turn on the Monument Trail at Devil's Den State Park

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  • Fossil Flats Trail - This 5.6-mile loop begins in Camping Area A. To ride clockwise start at the parking area at the far end of the campground and follow the signs to the right. The trail will follow along Lee Creek occasionally coming out on the old forest road and then back in toward the creek until it crosses the creek on a gravel bar. A 'Y' in the trail gives riders a choice to climb to the top of Racer Hill (left) or continue along the creek until Racer Hill rejoins. Beautiful views above the creek and then the famed "Gravity Cavity" give riders a quick thrill. The trail then goes through the hike-in camping area before crossing Lee Creek again and returning to Camping Area A. View the trail map on Trailforks or MTBProject.
  • Devil's Racetrack Trail - Flowing cross-country trail across almost the length of the park, featuring rock bluffs, historic CCC remnants, and a seasonal waterfall near the north end. The trail has three main segments: Mayfield Trailhead to Area E: 1.1 miles; Area E to Gold Brick: 1.5 miles; Gold Brick to Fossil Flats: 1.1 miles. Numerous alternate jump/feature lines for more adventurous riders. View the trail map on Trailforks or MTBProject.
  • Gold Brick - An easy, multi-use, connector trail between Camp Area A and Devil’s Racetrack. View the trail map on Trailforks or MTBProject.
  • Dollar-A-Day - An intermediate, multi-use, cross-country, flow trail through Ozark forest scenery. Loops off Fossil Flats and meets back up at the northern Lee Creek crossing. This singletrack experience connects with Fossil Flats and gives options for multi-trail rides. View the trail map on Trailforks or MTBProject.
  • All You Can Eat - Cross-country, flow trail highlighting Ozark geological features. Links off Sawmill to Racers’ Hill along the bluff line at a steady clip, winding through trees and along bedrock formations. View the trail map on Trailforks or MTBProject.
  • We Can Take It - A bluff line experience that traverses the eastern side of the park, winding through rock formations and along creek crossings providing beautiful views of Lee Creek. View the trail map on Trailforks or MTBProject.
  • Sparky - One-way, bike-only, downhill with switchback turns. This intermediate downhill line offers steep sections and rock alternative lines, passing the under the waterfall Orville Trail goes over. View the trail map on Trailforks or MTBProject.
  • Orville - One way, bike-only, challenging technical downhill with switchback turns. Offers the best of modern trail building. Rock gardens flow into natural drops and raw lines mixed with built, flow turns. B lines available. View the trail map on Trailforks or MTBProject.

A mountain biker riding the Monument Trails in the rain at Devil's Den State Park

A man and woman running downhill on the Monument Trail in the Devil's Den State Park