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Plantation Agriculture Museum

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Plantation Agriculture Museum interprets Arkansas's legacy of cotton agriculture...
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The Dortch Gin Building is one of three historic structures to tour...
Homespun Days and park interpreter-led programs allow visitors to connect to our rich history...
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Seed Warehouse No. 5 has been restored to its 1948 appearance and houses exhibits...
Museum displays present life in farming communities of the past...
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Seed Warehouse No. 5 exhibits...
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What to know

Located in Scott, Plantation Agriculture Museum preserves Arkansas’s farming history. Housed in a series of buildings is the main museum originally built as a general store in 1912, the Dortch Gin Exhibit containing a 1916 cotton gin, Seed Warehouse #5 which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and a Historic Tractor Exhibit completed in 2018. Live demonstrations include water pumping and cotton ginning. At the Plantation Agriculture Museum, kids and adults alike can explore where and how crops were grown and harvested in Arkansas from the time of statehood in 1836 through World War II. It’s a highly interactive park where kids and adults alike can explore where and how crops are grown, harvested, and processed into foods we eat and products we use. Special events include the Annual Antique Tractor and Engine Show. Scott is just minutes from downtown Little Rock and makes for a pretty drive into the Delta. It’s also a popular stop for cyclists riding the Harper’s Loop route.

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