Things to Do at Mount Magazine State Park

Exploring Nature

Mount Magazine State Park brings a new dimension to the Arkansas state parks system in its partnership with the USDA Forest Service. This state park was created on Ozark National Forest lands atop Mount Magazine through a special use permit from the Forest Service. The park is about eco-tourism, and nature-based tourism that provides responsible travel to natural areas while conserving the environment. This federal and state partnership affords the opportunity to cooperate jointly in the development of the mountain's outstanding recreation potential. And it allows both agencies to cooperate in the preservation, protection, and enhancement of the unique ecological resources of Mount Magazine.

Join a park interpreter, or explore and discover the mountain on your own. Trails provide hours of enjoyable hiking, biking, and horseback riding through the forest. For thrill-seekers who want to experience extreme adventure, there is rappelling and rock climbing on 200-foot high bluffs. Take a leap from Mount Magazine with your hang glider and soar with the birds over the vast Arkansas River Valley. Mount Magazine is Arkansas' only state park where adventure sports enthusiasts can hang glide, go rock climbing and rappelling in the same park. Hang gliders can also launch from nearby Mount Nebo State Park.

Or enjoy the park slowly and quietly through sightseeing, plant or wildlife photography, butterfly watching or catch glimpses of watchable wildlife from snails to black bears. The altitude, geography and climate of Mount Magazine combine to create unique habitats for rare plants and animals. The mountain is renowned for its plant life that includes rare species. Park visitors can walk through one of Arkansas' last remaining virgin forests and among the mountain's rich diversity of wildflowers and trees. The mountain is home to a number of rare and endangered plants like Ozark Chinkapin, Yellowwood, and the Maple-leaf Oak. Ancient bogs filled with sphagnum moss are home to delicate orchids, petit pipeworts, and 24 species of ferns.

The mountain also boasts a wide variety of wildlife. Birdlife abounds here, too, and includes the rare Rufous-crowned Sparrow. Mount Magazine is home to 86 of the state's 134 resident butterfly species. The uncommon Diana Fritillary is the mountain's most famous resident. 

Park roads complete with bike lanes lead travelers to all of Mount Magazine State Park's facilities. Since the park is surrounded by the Ozark National Forest, park visitors can also enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, backpacking, horseback riding, and other activities offered in the national forest while using the state park as a base.

To ensure you enjoy your state park experience, be aware of the natural world. There are some areas which are potentially hazardous to all visitors. Since it is impractical to post signs at all danger points, use caution when approaching such areas as cliffs, caves, heavily wooded areas, swamps, streams, and lakes. Adults are responsible for children in their care. If unsure about possible hazards, check at the visitor center.