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Hampson Archeological Museum State Park

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Hampson Archeological Museum State Park...
Hampson Museum houses a nationally renowned collection of artifacts...
Artifacts at Hampson Archeological Museum State Park...
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Effigy head pot at Hampson Archeological Museum State Park...
Artifacts at Hampson Archeological Museum State Park...

What to know

Hampson Archeological Museum State Park in Wilson, Arkansas, exhibits a nationally renowned collection from the Nodena site. This was a 15-acre palisaded village that once thrived on the Mississippi River in what is
today Mississippi County. Hampson Archeological Museum interprets the lifestyles of this farming-based civilization that lived there from A.D. 1400
to 1650. Artifacts and exhibits share the story of this early aboriginal population of farmers who cultivated crops and supplemented their food resources with hunting native game while developing its art, religion and political structure along with a thriving trading network. This remarkable collection owes its preservation to the late Dr. James K. Hampson and his family.

Take a tour of the virtual museum of 3D artifacts selected from our collections. 

Admission is free. The museum is located on the unique town square in Wilson on the corner of US Hwy 61 and Park Avenue. A knowledgeable, friendly staff leads group and private tours. Facilities also include a picnic area. 

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