Homeschool Groups 

Many homeschool families and groups have discovered how our state parks support and enhance their studies. The state parks of Arkansas are wonderful outdoor classrooms and our park interpreters help reveal the stories of The Natural State. Bringing your homeschool group to a state park is more than traveling to a lesson, it's more like traveling to an adventure -- it's exploring Arkansas.

With advance notice, our staff can present for you the same curriculum-based education programs offered to public and private school groups. We can also prepare customized programs for your homeschoolers, complete with hikes, boating, birding, archeology, and a variety of hands-on activities that bring the lessons to life. This real connection to the land --the beauty, the science, and the history--make homeschool activities in state parks unique and memorable.

A number of parks offer homeschool specific programs and events. Check our Calendar of Events or contact the parks for further information.