Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked about Arkansas State Parks. 

Is an entrance fee charged at Arkansas state parks?

There is no fee for entry to an Arkansas state park, although tour fees are charged for access to some facilities. A wide variety of activities can be enjoyed at no cost in the parks including hiking, mountain biking, picnicking, launching a boat, and participating in most of the interpretive programs. You can enjoy the museums and their collections (exception is Historic Washington State Park) at no charge. However, a variety of fees are charged in the parks for the rental of facilities such as campsites, cabins, lodge guest rooms; dining; participating in certain activities such as guided horseback rides; specific interpretive programs led by park interpreters; and special events. 

Are the parks dog friendly?

Dogs are allowed in Arkansas state parks but are required to be on a leash at all times. No pets are allowed in public buildings with the exception of service animals. All of our parks with lodging have dog-friendly designated cabins and lodge rooms. Please contact the park directly for information. 

What discounts are offered in the state parks?

U.S. Citizens 62 and over and U.S. Citizens with 100% permanent and total disability will be admitted to state park campgrounds at the discounted rates established in PD 2000.  Proper identification or documentation is required to obtain a discount.   

NOTE PILOT STUDY:  Arkansas State Parks now accepts the America the Beautiful-Access Pass and Golden Access Passport as proof of disability or age, respectively. 

SENIOR CITIZENS - A government issued photo ID is required for identification purposes for U.S.Citizens 62 and over: Government issued IDs accepted as proof of age include 

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Government-Issued Photo ID
  3. U.S. Passport
  4. Military Dependent or Retiree ID 
  5. United States Permanent Resident Card
  6. America the Beautiful-Senior Pass

DISABILITY - One of the following should identify U. S. Citizens with 100% disability and/or permanent and total disability.  Documents MUST specify "Permanent and Total Disability" or indicate an individual is "100% Disabled".         

  1. Veterans: 
    1. A copy of the Awards letter (dated within the last two years) from the Veteran's Administration Regional Office.
    2. An Arkansas license plate beginning with the letters “DV” or “DAV”, which indicates that a veteran is 100% disabled.
    3. America the Beautiful-Access Pass or Golden Access Passport
  2. U.S. Citizens: 
    1. A qualifying document is a letter from a personal physician, Railroad Retirement, or Civil Service (federal or state government) dated within the last two years stating "100% disabled" and/or "permanent and total disability".
    2. America the Beautiful-Access Pass or Golden Access Passport 

Some of the following identify U. S. Citizens with disabilities that are not 100% disabled.   Since these documents cannot be accepted as proof of 100% disability, they cannot be used to qualify for the disability discount.

  1. Social Security Recipients: The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides benefits based on employability standards - not disability.  The SSA does not verify or determine the percentage or permanence of disability.  Therefore, Social Security documents are not accepted as verification of 100% disability.
  2. License Plates:  International symbol plates and placards are provided for persons with varying degrees of disability so they may or may not be 100% disabled.  Do NOT accept disabled insignia Arkansas license plates or placards as proof of 100% disability.  

How can I reserve a state park campsite? 

Arkansas State Parks campsites can be reserved by phoning or visiting the park visitor center during business hours, or they can be made online at Reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance of the scheduled arrival date. Single night reservations can be made for Sunday through Thursday. Weekend reservations will be taken for a minimum of two nights. A three-night minimum will be required when a holiday causes a three-day weekend. High demand sites must be reserved for a minimum of three nights (Thursday-Saturday), and four nights (Thursday-Sunday), on holiday weekends. 

Overnight Facility Reservation, Cancelation and Occupancy Policy

How long can I camp in an Arkansas State Parks campsite?

Camping in an Arkansas state park is limited to one 14-day stay within a 30-day period.

Are quiet hours observed in an Arkansas state park at night?

Quiet is observed from 10 p.m. until sunrise in Arkansas's state parks. Any undue disturbance will result in ejection from the park and loss of unused fees.

How can I reserve a state park cabin or lodge guest room?

Make reservations for the Arkansas State Parks cabins and lodges by phoning or visiting the parks, or book your reservations online at 

Individual reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance, and group reservations can be made up to two years in advance, commencing from the date the reservation is made. 

Overnight Facility Reservation, Cancelation and Occupancy Policy

Are Arkansas's state parks open throughout the year?

The State Parks of Arkansas are open throughout the year; however, some facilities are closed seasonally or on certain days of the week. Contact the individual parks for details.

When can the fireplace be used in an Arkansas State Parks cabin?

Many Arkansas State Parks cabins, and the four suites at The Lodge at Mount Magazine, offer fireplaces for use during fall and winter only.

Is a government rate offered by Arkansas State Parks?

The current maximum federal and state rate is applicable to Arkansas State Parks lodge rooms during Sunday through Thursday for persons on official government business. See:

How do I find out about any current burn bans in effect in the state parks?

A burn ban is usually issued on a county-wide basis by the county judge. When a county burn ban is issued, the park or parks in that county comply with it. However, there are times when a park superintendent will issue a burn ban due to dry conditions even though a county burn ban is not in effect. Current county burn ban information can be found on the Arkansas Forestry Commission website at

How old do you have to be to rent an Arkansas State Parks facility?

Arkansas State Parks facilities are rented to persons age 18 and above.

Are Arkansas state parks staffed throughout the day?

Uniformed staff are on call 24 hours a day in the majority of Arkansas's state parks. Our employees serve our visitors, maintain the park resources and facilities, and enforce park rules and Arkansas law. You will be aware of their presence as you enjoy the park, and they will be readily available should an emergency situation arise. Among the many Arkansas State Parks staff you will meet are our park interpreters. You'll have the opportunity to join them at the programs and workshops they host. Our park rangers are certified law enforcement officers who you'll recognize easily as they patrol the park.  

How far ahead can I make reservations for an Arkansas State Parks cabin or lodge guest room?

Individual reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance and group reservations can be made up to two years in advance commencing from the date the reservation is made.