Watchable Wildlife

Watchable Wildlife in the Arkansas Outdoors


Looking for Arkansas wildlife? The diversity of Arkansas's six natural divisions provides habitat for abundant wildlife. Plus, Arkansas is on the famed Mississippi Flyway and migrating butterflies, songbirds, ducks and geese fly through Arkansas by the millions each fall and spring. Arkansas is also on the edge of the eastern forest and the western plains and many migrants and strays from both areas find their way here.

Twenty-five state parks have been selected for inclusion in the Watchable Wildlife program. Implemented on a state level by the AR Game and Fish Commission, this national program identifies locations where outstanding outdoor habitats or migration qualities attract Arkansas wildlife and offer you the best chance of seeing wildlife, large and small, in the Arkansas outdoors.

Many state parks have Arkansas wildlife, birding and butterfly checklists to assist you in finding the best locations and knowing what to look for when you get there. Look at the "park Brochures" box on the right side of each state park webpage to see if they have a brochure in downloadable PDF format. If not, the park may have a paper copy of Arkansas wildlife guides, maps and other resources at the visitor center. Soon you'll find watchable wildlife hotspots noted on the state highway map and identified by the Watchable Wildlife binocular logo on highway signs. Plan to visit these special wildlife-watching zones for a glimpse of Arkansas’s amazing animals!