Butterfield Hiking Trail


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What an excellent hike. I did it memorial weekend 2013 and I'm getting ready to do it again in October. Devils Den is a beautiful park and the Butterfield Hiking Trail is just awesome. William Anderson (10/7/2013)

If you only have a few hours, the Hwy. 74 / Holt Road intersection is a great starting point. Turn around at Quail Valley and take one of the horse trails back to Holt Road. Thanks to the staff for the day-hike recommendation! Michael Gray (1/4/2013)

Great hike! Did it last summer and am planning to go this summer. Everything from the visitor center to the trail heads are very nice. The primitive campgrounds are not so primitive with MANY visitors every year compacting and building. I suggest finding a nice little rock crop and settling down if you want that real "in the woods" feeling. Overall a good hike! P.S. Dont let the "strenuous" tag deter you. I came across a small group of people last year that simply gave up due to lack of water, but if they had continued 1 hour more, they would have come across one of the streams that runs through the area, and the water problem would have been solved. Moral of the story being, in the face of adversity, the courageous continue on only to find the sun still rises in the morning. Jake (3/30/2012)

It was a great hike. The camp by the creek was very nice. Thanks to those who set up the fire pit and reclining rock chairs over the years. It was challenging but not as bad as Mount Magazine's Cove Lake Trail. The folks at the visitor center were great too. Stephen (1/17/2012)

Just did this wonderful hike. We did it in 9 hours total - 5 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. Had a wonderful night of camping by the creek. Fantastic experience! Not for the faint of heart - the damage caused by the flooding required considerable agility to climb over and under numerous fallen trees. The steep, rocky descents and climbs require good shoes and good conditioning. Had a blast! Ashley Hirt (10/9/2011)

This is a great trail! I hiked this trail a few months ago and about this time last year. I am going to hit it here in a few days again. Scott (8/12/2011)

I thought I was in good shape until we attempted this trail counterclockwise. After about mile 3 my knee started giving out and we had to turn back. The pain in my knee while decending was worse than childbirth. What we saw was beautiful though, I would just suggest doing it clockwise. Pearl Beason (9/12/2010)