East Summit Trail


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This was by far the most challenging of all! Gorgeous view at the top! If you are not in great shape already, work your way up to this one! Bring an ample supply of water !! Jen Moore (9/4/2012)

Tried East Summit for the first time yesterday and had a blast! the last bit where it's nothing but straight up rock climbing was harder than I expected but very fun! I'll be doing the West Summit today to see how it compares. Collin Baggett (3/27/2012)

I first hiked this with my Father-in-Law at the end of Summer 2010 as a means of showing him how fit I was (and, incidentally, how "unfit" I was). Since then, we've hiked this trail half a dozen times; it's our favorite place to hike in LR. Head's up on the way down, though. The calf-stabilization (if that is such a thing?) is killer! John Pennington (12/21/2011)

I just got back home from hiking the trails today. I hiked this particular trail today and discovered I'm not in as good of physical condition as I thought. I'm tired and I'll be sore tomorrow but it was well worth it! The view was beautiful. Todd Ferguson (12/3/2011)

I took the East Summit both up and down today, 9/24/11. I loved it! I'm starting to get in shape, so it was pretty challenging for me but DEFINITELY worth it! jessica (9/25/2011)

Hiked this trail for today for the first time...AWESOME WORKOUT, only a bit challenging, nothing too strenuous. I absolutely loved it! Rugged & rocky...right up my alley! Audraj79 (5/18/2011)

Did this trail for the first time yesterday, it was AWESOME! Mark (4/29/2011)

this trail starts out real easy and pleasant, then when your 3/4 of the way there it just goes straight up. Definatly great for rock climbing! Much shorter than the west summit trail. Katelyn (9/26/2010)

This trail is part of one of the best workouts in the state. Nothing like a hand and foot scramble to the top. Joe Jacobs (7/1/2010)