Yellow Rock Trail


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I went to Devils Den for the first time a week ago and this was the main trail I wanted to hike, simply for the view. And I was not disappointed! During the Winter when the trees are bare, the entire trail is amazing because you can see through the trees. I also spent roughly 10 minutes just sitting on yellow rock taking in the view. If you are a hiker like myself, you can usually spot areas where a waterfall likely occurs during wet weather, and this trail definitely had many of those areas. Brent (1/21/2014)

Hiked this trail with my nephew in mid-November 2012. While the leaves had already fallen, it made for a beautiful ground cover. Saw several deer as we were headed up. The trail started out amidst some large rocks and made for a steady gradual climb up to Yellow Rock. Once at the overlook, you will want to park it for awhile and soak in the views. A very special place indeed. Andy Blake (12/16/2013)

My friend and I chose the Yellow Rock Trail for our first hiking experience. It was great! The trail is beautiful and you are covered by trees most of the way, so we didn't get too hot. The cliff is amazing, and we could've stayed there all day enjoying the view! Great experience for our first time! Kadesha W. (8/12/2013)

One of the best trails in the area-GREAT during leaf-off!!! Shane Stephens (9/28/2011)

My husband and I hiked on this trail this past weekend. There were so many waterfalls and the hike was absolutely beautiful. Very peaceful and relaxing. Amy Michels (5/24/2011)