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Welcome Teachers!

We invite you to bring your class to an Arkansas State Park or Museum for new elementary teaching ideas and experiences. Arkansas State Parks and museums are a teacher's paradise. We are probably the most-used "non-traditional classroom" in Arkansas. Arkansas State Parks areArkansas State Park field trip an important part of Arkansas's education system because they provide elementary enrichment activities outdoors that can expand students’ minds.

Teachers love the state parks because they are places where students can apply what the teacher has taught in the classroom. Many of our elementary enrichment activities support the state curriculum strands, and we are happy to work with you to develop customized programs to meet your curriculum needs and the special needs of your students, as well as provide you with elementary teaching ideas for your classroom and educational activities for students. Some, but not all, of our program locations are wheelchair accessible. Arkansas State Parks takes pride in its varied programs for schools and its support and services for teachers. Teachers enjoy working with our trained interpreters and educators who help guide the students through their hands-on education experiences.

In addition to the variety of hikes, tours, exhibits and hands-on interactive programs, we offer curriculum-related programs and elementary enrichment activities focusing on the historical and natural resources of Arkansas. Topics range from prehistory, to American frontier villages, to Arkansas's oil boom, to the CCC era, and ecological/nature programs are available in every physiographic region of the state.