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State Parks Summary

Parks Summary – Nov 2012
Arkansas State Parks (ASP) renewed the grant partnership program with the Arkansas Press Association for the coming year. The partnership program promotes ASP through print media advertising. The partnership program promotes the diverse facilities, programs and activities of the state park system, inspiring Arkansas pride in the state park system encouraging Arkansans to travel in state and visit other Arkansas travel destinations. For additional information contact Joan Ellison at 501-682-2873.

The State Parks, Recreation and Travel Commission approved winter TV (two) and radio (three) spots to promote visitation to Arkansas State Parks. The TV and radio spots will run on stations throughout Arkansas beginning December 1, 2012, in partnership with the Arkansas Broadcasters Association. For additional information contact Joe Jacobs or Joan Ellison at 501-682-6924.

Greg Butts reported that the AAA Southern Traveler November/December 2012 issue contains an article about the upcoming Civil War reenactment at the Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park. The park hosts Arkansas's largest battle reenactment biennially in even-numbered years during the first weekend of December and with the 150th anniversary of the battle in 2012, this year’s event will be more engaging than ever. Activities include guided tours through Union, Confederate and civilian camps; military drills conducted by reactors; cooking, spinning and lace-making demonstrations; and living history programs. Beginning at 1:00 p.m. each day, battle demonstrations feature charges and counterattacks by Union and Confederate infantry and cavalry on the actual battlefield near the historic Borden House. For additional information about the Civil War event to be held December 1-2, 2012, contact the park at 501-846-2990 or view info online at