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Arkansan Finds 2.13-carat Gem Dubbed the Brown Rice Diamond

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Murfreesboro -- Glenn Worthington of Springdale has prospected at the Crater of Diamonds State Park for more than 30 years yielding hundreds of diamond finds. Though most of his finds have weighed under a carat, his dedication paid off with a few larger gems. On Thursday, February 18, Worthington registered his biggest find yet, a 2.13-carat brown gem he named the Brown Rice Diamond.

Worthington found his diamond while wet screening in the park’s Pig Pen, a low-lying section at the south end of the diamond search area. The stone has the elongated shape of a grain of rice but is much larger. It has a frosted surface and is the light brown color of iced tea.

The Brown Rice Diamond is the largest of 37 diamonds found so far in the park this year. It is Worthington’s second largest diamond find in a year. Last April, he registered a 2.04-carat yellow diamond he named the Easter Sunrise. Worthington has also written a book about the history of Crater of Diamonds State Park and produced a DVD that teaches others how to find diamonds. He says he plans to have the Brown Rice Diamond cut, and then will sell it.

Crater of Diamonds State Park is the world’s only diamond-bearing site where the public can search for diamonds and keep any they find. On average, two diamonds are found each day at the park. The three most common colors of diamonds found are white, brown and yellow, in that order.

According to park records, 918 diamonds were registered in 2009 including five weighing over two carats each. The largest brown diamond unearthed at the park last year was a 2.93-carat gem found on October 20 by Royce Walker of Lockesburg.

Crater of Diamonds State Park is open seven days a week, closing only on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Park interpreters regularly demonstrate diamond mining techniques and offer other special interest programs for visitors.

For more information, contact: Justin Dorsey, park superintendent, Crater of Diamonds State Park, 209 State Park Road, Murfreesboro, Arkansas 71958. Phone: 870-285-3113. E-mail: Or visit