Petit Jean State Park


FY 1938 (July 1, 1937-June 30, 1938) Equipment for the operation of the lodge, cabins and boathouse was purchased and concessionaires were provided. They furnished partial maintenance around their areas. Regular maintenance, including sanding and refinishing the floors in the lodge, repairing furniture, policing picnic grounds, regulating boating and fishing and operating the bathhouse was carried on by the caretaker. (park superintendent?) Expenses from these operations was cared for from the receipts and balance deposited in the state park fund. The lodge and cottages were operated by a concessionaire. The season was extended to Oct 1 and they did a capacity business on the weekends. Three cottages (see Dec. 9, 1937) the boathouse and the dam were completed over the last year and are operating. Approximately 10,000 bream and 500 small mouth bass were taken from the lake, the largest bass weighing 5.25#. (2nd Annual Arkansas State Parks Commission Report)