Petit Jean State Park


Sixth Period projects are finishing up and Seventh Period are coming on line. Considerable planting of trees and shrubs has been. Forest fires have been happening in the area, but an education campaign with farmers surrounding the park has lowered the fire hazard. Birds and animals are more numerous this spring. The cottages and lodge have opened and have been doing a steady business. Official visits this month have been made by Olin Boese, Regional Inspector; Erik Reed, Archeologist; Mr. Stevenson, Wildlife Technician; Dr. Gould, Geologist; Mr. Horsley, Forester; Mr. Christansen, Recreational Supervisor; and Mr. Clyde Amalong, Traveling Mechanic. An archeological project is taking place directed by Mr. Reed. Numerous arrowheads, bits of pottery, rubbing stones, etc. have been found. The Pioneer Cabin has been moved and restored. The Overlook Shelter on Red Bluff has been completed. This is the fourth month with “No Accidents.” (Sam Davies Bi-monthly Narrative, May 6, 1936)