YCC Reuion

Meeting Place:
09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Admission: Free

During the 1970s, a summer work program called the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) offered teenagers on-the-job training in national forests across America. For seven years, ending in 1979, crews built trails and enhanced scenic overlooks on Mount Magazine. Lifelong skills, friendships, and memories were developed. YCC projects have endured the passage of time, are found in several areas of Mount Magazine State Park, and are important to the park’s heritage.

YCC veterans who served in Arkansas in the 1970s are invited to attend this 40ish anniversary. Reconnect with people that made a difference in your life. Share memories of those summers, so long ago, through photographs. Interpreters will lead tours to many points of interest and present audio/visual programs on Mount Magazine’s YCC legacy.