Chandling 101 - Candles

Meeting Place: Administration Building
09:00 am - 04:00 pm
Admission: Registration fee $20, Class plus materials fee $130.

Taught by Traci Glover
This informative one day “hands on” class focuses on the use of waxes, fats and oils used in candle making.  Under the direction of master chandler Traci Glover, students will produce their own candles using traditional materials.  Also, you will learn Traci’s recipes with variations on how to modify them to suit your own needs.  You will come away with your own beautifully handcrafted candles, as well as the knowledge to pursue this fun and useful craft at home.

Want to take both soap and candle making classes?  Take both Chandling 101 classes back to back and save $45!  Combined classes cost only $200, including registration fee.