Queen Wilhelmina State Park

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Still simmering?

Beat a quick retreat from the sweltering summer heat…head for the hills!

Choose Queen Wilhelmina State Park as your next destination for a little relief from the tempestuous temperatures while enjoying scenic views and perhaps creating a memorable adventure along the way.

There’s lots of elbow room in the great out-of-doors.  So, come one, come all!

Temps are comparatively anywhere from seven to ten degrees cooler on top of beautiful Rich Mountain…not to mention there’s chance you might catch a nice breeze… which can help lower that bothersome heat index considerably!

Find a picnic table under a shade tree while watching the kids enjoy the small playground area….or participate in an interpretive program….and, don’t forget to take a healthy and invigorating hike on one of several trails to catch a glimpse of nature’s bounty and to take in a scenic view or two along the way.

Also available in our campground are 40 campsites.  We can accommodate camping units of various sizes with tent camping available as well.

What’s been happening?

The “What’s in Nature” Summer Day Camp was a huge success! The kids had a blast learning while enjoying the park.  A different theme was featured each day.  The theme of day one was Trees.  We learned how to ID some of the more familiar and common trees in the park, along with a “tree fun” relay with Arkansas Forestry Commission worker Harrell Sherwood.  The theme of day two was Wildflowers.  We played a wildflower memory game, went on a wildflower identification hike and made a wildflower ID fan.  The theme of day three was Bears.  We made bear print bandanas with a bear silhouette and bear tracks.  We read and filled out a bear fact book, and hiked the reservoir trail to look for bear tracks at the old reservoir.   Shelley Flannery (Cossatot River State Park Interpreter) brought along her bear pelt and skull for the kids to have a close up and hands-on experience. 

Our annual 4th of July in the Park was a memorable day filled with gratitude, recognition of our heritage and lots of fun.  

We started the day off with a big splash in a lively game of water splash volley ball.  All who participated had a good time soaking up the fun.  Everyone especially enjoyed the a

ge-old tradition of making homemade ice cream in hand cranked ice cream makers.  Of course you know it isn’t ‘done’ until you simply can’t make one more turn on the handle, and that’s with someone perched on top holding it still. Inevitably of course, there’s that one ‘strong man’ who thinks it still has just a few more cranks… you know, just to be sure.  All in all, this was a great time for our local community, park visitors and staff to come together as ‘park family’ and have a grand ol’ time of visiting and enjoying fellowship with one another.  New bonds were forged and friendships made on this blessed day that commemorates our freedom and independence. 


Watermelon Time is a tradition that is always eagerly anticipated!

 Everyone gathers at our Park Hosts’ campsite and chows down on delicious mouthwatering ice cold watermelon.   The mess doesn’t even matter!  It’s not even that unusual for a seed spitting contest to ensue!


Sack races are very competitive at every age level!  Little tykes up to 5 years participate in heat one, followed by ages 6-9, 10-13, 13-16…and then the ‘adults’.  Um, that’s right!  We have a three year straight record holder in the adult category… that’s the undefeated Travis Gentry!   Come on up folks - we need more of you competitive ‘sackers’ to show up and give Travis a good-natured run for his coveted title next year!  There’s a good chance he’s going to beat you!

History, Honor & Memories is a particularly emotional time for me.  I am truly grateful for what our forefathers stood for and achieved and for the resultant privileges they have afforded me.  Our freedom and our independence should never be taken lightly or for granted.  Whenever I have the opportunity to share the Declaration of Independence and the stirring words to our beloved National Anthem, I am brought to tears.  The emotional impact I feel with every word that those great countrymen wrote in order to insure our place in history is unparalleled.  We are indeed a truly blessed nation of remarkable individuals!

The evening culminated in that rousing national past time…BINGO!  We are very appreciative of our local Walmart who donated several prizes.


Join the park interpreter each Saturday evening for some good family fun. Programs may vary from casual informative hikes to local history and nature themed talks or hands-on demonstrations and activities. If you are looking for a cooler place to spend some quality family time then our park is for you.   Take into consideration that the temperature differences may compel you to bring a light jacket or wrap to ward off a chill.  How welcoming is that!

Gift Shop News:

Queen Wilhelmina’s Gift Shop currently has great nature themed gifts for your entire family.  Books, cutting boards, playing cards, coffee mugs and jewelry items are among some of the gifts available.  Don’t forget we have a selection of nature themed t-shirts and hats for that outdoorsy person as well.  Want to be the best outdoor cook at the next camp meeting? We have many cookbooks dedicated to this topic.  Right now we have 6 quart Dutch ovens on legs for $49.95, while they last – better come quick!  At this price they won’t last long.

Service Awards:

Each year, Arkansas State Parks bestows service awards upon employees who have reached designated career milestones.   Employees are recognized during an awards banquet and receive service pins and certificates celebrating their contributions to Arkansas State Parks.  This year, Queen Wilhelmina State Park has several employees receiving service awards.  These employees are invaluable assets to both the QWSP family and Arkansas State Parks as a whole.  Congratulations to the following QWSP employees for their much appreciated years of service:

Chris Morgan —5 years

Debra Needham —5 years

Jackie Halitzka —10 years

Courtney Roth —15 years

Paula Magers —20 years

If you meet up with one of these employees while visiting the park, be sure to congratulate them for representing Arkansas at its very best!

What’s cooking at the Meal Trolley?

The Royal Meal Trolley

Hours:  8:30 am– 4:00 pm.  — Phone: 479-394-7014

Sorry, no credit or debit cards

Breakfast Menu

Egg and Cheese Biscuit…….2.59

Egg and Cheese Muffin……..2.59

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit…….3.29

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Muffin…….3.29

Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit……..3.29

Sausage, Egg and Cheese Muffin…….3.29

Egg and Cheese Burrito…….2.99

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Burrito…….3.99

Sausage, Egg and Cheese Burrito…….3.99

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy…….3.99

Vegetable Wrap…….2.99

 Lunch Menu

(All baskets served with fries or tots)

Hamburger Basket……. 6.99 with Chili…. 7.49

Cheeseburger Basket……. 7.59   with Chili…. 7.99

Chicken Strip Basket……. 5.99

Smoked Sausage Basket……. 5.99

Corn Dog Basket…….3.99

Grilled Chicken Strip Sandwich……. 5.99          BLT Basket……. 5.99

Hot Dog Basket……. 3.79          Chili Cheese Dog Basket……. 4.29

Grilled Cheese Basket…..4.79

Grilled Cheese Basket w Lettuce & Tomato…..5.29

Frito Chili Pie……. 3.99

Cheese Nachos with Jalapenos…… 2.99

Chili Cheese Nachos with Jalapenos…….. 3.99


Milk…….1.29             coffee…….1.79

Iced Tea…….1.59        Lemonade…….1.59       Soft Drinks……. .70