Our Crazy Crow


We all have seen the funny animal videos on the Animal Planet Channel and YouTube.  So, it is not too surprising that here at the Crater of Diamonds State Park we have our own silly animal.  This time it is a crow, which hangs around the visitor center. 


It first came to my attention when I was putting the day’s receipts into the computer up at the visitor center.  We do this after the mine field and buildings close for the day, so things are pretty quiet with no one else in the building.  The first time I experienced our crazy crow was when I heard a knock-knock-knock on the glass of the visitor center back door.  This noise was quickly followed by a loud caw-caw…caw-caw.  When I looked out the door, a crow was standing just outside and I watched it peck the glass several times, each time followed by the loud and distinctive caws.  A little bit later the back door knocking quit, but then it started up on the windows in the visitor center roof.  This time the crow moved from window to window along the row, and then back again.


I find the whole crow show highly amusing and fascinating.  However, I can understand why our front desk and administration staff finds it highly annoying and not at all amusing.  It turns out that the knocking and cawing show is not this crow’s only trick.  It also has removed all of the caulking from around the windows, and has even been known to remove the rubber of the windshield wipers from the trucks at the maintenance shop.


I have a couple of questions that I would love to ask that crow, if only I knew crow-speak.  First, of course, is why on earth it does this knocking routine.  Is it asking us to let it inside?  Does it just like the noise that it makes when its beak hits the glass?  Second, how did it learn to do this behavior?  Does it see itself in the glass, think that it is another crow, and as a result is trying to defend its territory?  So, I googled “crow knocking” and discovered that lots of people have had crows with exactly the same behavior.  It turns out that scientists have discovered that crows have an almost human intelligence, and are able to use tools and solve problem situations. 


Therefore, our crazy crow is not unique.  One of the suggestions for discouraging the knocking behavior is to put up decals on the windows of crow predators, like owls.  At least this suggestion has worked for some people.  Maybe we will try this at the park.  However, if we do succeed in scaring our crazy crow away, I will miss the nightly serenade. 


Search area last plowed:  March 8, 2013; Most recent significant rainstorms: thunderstorm

March 18, 2013


Total diamonds found in 2013: 123


Diamond finds for the week of March 10-17, 2013 (100 points = one carat):

No diamonds registered March 10 and 11.


March 12 – Christopher Hanbury, Collierville, TN, 14 pt. white; Amber Spradling, Forney, TX, 14 pt. yellow


March 13 – Jim Graham, Prescott, AR, 3 pt. white, 5 pt. white, 5 pt. brown, 7 pt. white, 10 pt. brown, 19 pt. white; Al Beitelspacher, Sioux Fall, SD, 53 pt. brown; Denise Hanbury, Collierville, TN, 29 pt. brown


March 14 – Gerry St. Jean, Manchester, NH, 5 pt. yellow; Madison Hanbury, Collierville, TN, 12 pt. white


March 15 – Reed Reasons, Collierville, TN, 15 pt. white; Christopher Hanbury, Collierville, TN, 20 pt. white; Madison Hanbury, Collierville, TN, 55 pt. white


No diamonds registered March 16.


March 17 – Adam Hardin, Barberton, OH, 27 pt. yellow

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