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Monday - December 3, 2012

There's still time to register for the Ozark Christmas Feast

This year's Ozark Christmas Feast features the Wiede family. Known for their incredible harmonies and traditional, but unique music, this group will keep you entertained while you enjoy a delicious dinner in the Skillet Restaurant. Emily will be playing the hammered dulcimer, among other instruments and the very talented younger family member have all been learning new music.
The feast will start with your choice of hot cider or tea as you find your way to your table and enjoy a set of traditional instrumental Christmas music.
Then you'll be served your salad course, including the Skillet's famous homemade rolls.
The Wiede family will return with a set of Christmas carols like you've never heard them before, some very old, and some unique to this area.
The main course is your choice of Ham, Turkey or Eggplant Parmigiana with all the trimmings. Please list your choice when you register for the feast.
Along with a dessert of apple pie, the Wiede Family will sing your favorite carols. Join in and sing along or just relax and enjoy the music.
The feast is $22.95 each, or $39.95 a couple, payable when you register. The ticket price is non-refundable.
Call 870-269-3851 to register. For the registration form, click here to 
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Give a gift of the 2013 season at the Ozark Folk Center

A season pass to the Ozark Folk Center State Park for the 2013 season gives you, or your loved one -
  • 179 days of access to the Craft Village, April 2- November 30
  • 116 nights of evening Concerts, April 19-October 26
  • A lifetime of connections to the folks who play music, grow herbs, carve, weave, spin, tie, fire and blend our Ozark traditions.
A season pass for the 2013 season is just $75 for adults or $35 for children 6-12.
Give season passes as Christmas gifts,  Happy New Year's wishes or birthday presents. It's a gift that will be enjoyed all year long. 
Call 870-269-3851 to order your season pass now.
For the 2013 Calendar of events, click here to
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Winter is a good season for eradicating perennial pests
The Heritage Herb Garden at the Ozark Folk Center grace the park with visual colors and textures, sweet and pungent aromas, and help us to interpret the history of the human use of plants.

Weeds are plants that are not wanted where they are growing. A gardener cultivates nature to realize a vision within the garden boundary. Fighting weeds is inevitable.

Plants have specific life cycles and will, given healthy growth factors such as soil, light, temperature and water, live out their destinies unless we intervene. Annuals germinate from seed, grow leaves and stems, bloom, set ripe seed and then die in one season. Biennials germinate from seed, grow deep roots and lush vegetation during the first season and then, during the second season, produce flowers and set ripe seed before dying. Perennials may be born from seed or reproduce by vegetative means. They live for years and may also flower and disperse ripe seed every season. Understanding how plants procreate and spread and then taking action to prevent the encroachment of perennial stems and the dispersal of ripe seed is an important key to winning, eventually.

Autumn and winter are really good seasons for eradicating perennial pests such as wisteria and periwinkle. At this time the soil is moist and easier to work; the gardener can labor without breaking a sweat and the excuse that “they are so beautiful in bloom” is balanced by seeing the stark reality that their creeping stems are insidiously spreading over the land. If I don’t see you in the future—I’ll see you in the pasture.
For this week's complete Yarb Tales, click here to 
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Still searching for a gift for your favorite quilter?

Consider giving your favorite quilter the gift of a registration to our Cozy Comfort Quilt Retreat, coming up February 21-23, 2013. There's nothing more inspiring and refreshing for quilters than to spend three days tucked away in the Ozark mountains with other folks who love to cut, piece, quilt and sew.
Click here for pictures, a registration form and to
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