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Fun in the ForestThis is a featured page

This is the title of an article published in the Washington Telegraph newspaper in 1856. Since it is currently hunting season, I thought it might be appropriate to look in on hunting past.

"The woods in this vicinity abound in game at this time. Hound and horn wake the echoes every morning, and the hunter's halloo and the crack of his gun are familiar sounds. Our Nimrods, young and old, have fine sport among ducks and squirrels, rabbits and partridges, and almost everybody takes a hand in the general slaughter of the denizens of the forest, now going on around us. If any city gentleman wants to try his "stub and twist" let him hie to Hempstead county. He will find a fair field to exercise his skill in [sic]."
[Source: "Fun in the Forest" WT, 11-19-1856]

Congratulations to Historic Washington

Region IV Park of the Year
Arkansas State Volunteer Park of the Year
  Arkansas State Park Special Event of the Year
Historic Washington State Park employees and volunteers work to provide excellent programming and, in an awards ceremony, November 19, 2012, it became clear that the hard work had paid off. Historic Washington staff, volunteers, and members of the media met with Arkansas State Parks officials to receive three awards. Speeches were made by Brandon Owen, park superintendent, Greg Butts, Arkansas State Parks director, John Brown, Arkansas State Parks manager of operations. They all complimented the park staff, volunteers, and community for cooperating and doing a great job. In addition for park staff, long time volunteers, Nancy Booker and Gay Mormon were present, as well as newer volunteers from the School of Hope, volunteer photographer Kerry Spears, and the Hart family. Two area radio stations sent interviewers to cover the event. After the awards, some tasty dishes were waiting and everyone enjoyed lunch.

Christmas and Candlelight
Saturdays - December 1 and 8, 2012
You and your family will be in awe of the natural beauty that our candlelit streets provide as you stroll through our historic village. The homes of yesteryear are adorned with pine cones, grapevines, magnolia, evergreens, ribbons and bows. Decorations, music, and more will set the mood for your holiday experience.
Daylight tours will be from 1-5 p.m.
Candlelight tours begin at 5 p.m. when thousands of luminaries will be lit, and will continue until 8 p.m.
Plan time in your schedule to visit Williams' Tavern, offering a Christmas buffet from 11 a.m.-8 p.m.
You may also choose to enjoy a horse drawn surrey ride or shop in the gift shops for that special holiday gift.

Schedule of Events for Christmas and Candlelight


Brought to you by the good people at Williams' Tavern Restaurant













 Decorators Make Old Town Festive

Each building is sponsored and decorated for Christmas and Candlelight by wonderful volunteers. We would like to shout out a giant THANK YOU to each of these and hope you will take the time to let them know that you appreciate what they do. All decorations use live greenery and try to stay within the spirit of handmade ornaments.


Williams’ Tavern (Interior) – Vickie Barwick of Hope, Arkansas


Williams’ Tavern (Exterior) – Nevada County Master Gardners of Prescott, Arkansas


Royston Log House – The Family of Jeff and Ginger Russell of Hope, Arkansas


Purdom House – Old Columbus Herb Farm of Columbus, Arkansas


Corporate Sponsor – University of Arkansas Community College at Hope Foundation


Royston Town House – Pat Cleburne UDC Chapter of Hope, Arkansas


Crouch House – Nevada County Library and Nevada County Train Depot and Museum of Prescott, Arkansas


1836 Courthouse – Washington Blending Eras EHC, Old Washington Vintages Dancers, Old Washington Farmers’ Market


Sanders House and Kitchen -- Sponsored by First Bank of Hope, Arkansas and Decorated by Southwest Arkansas Arts Council  


Morrison Tavern Inn and Kitchen – 4H Clover Buds of Washington, Arkansas

game blankets
Would you like to make something nice for the kids and save money?
How about making game board blankets? These are fairly easy to make and you can choose from tic tac toe, or checkers, or hopscotch. Start a new family tradition with these adorable keepsakes.

Receipts and Recipes

Is there anything more old fashioned sounding than Oatmeal for breakfast? Well, maybe pancakes, right? What if you can't make up your mind? How about a  breakfast favorite of one of Arkansas' biggest families, the Duggars? After all, they share many similarities with large pioneer families of old.
What kind of pancakes do the Duggars like? Oatmeal!

Oatmeal Pancakes

  • 2 c. quick oats
  • 1/2 t. baking soda
  • 2 1/2 c. buttermilk
  • 1 c. flour 
  • 2 t. baking powder
  • 1 t. salt
  • 1 T. sugar
  • 1/3 c. salad oil
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  1. Combine oats, soda, buttermilk. Let stand 5 min. 
  2. In another bowl combine flour, baking powder, salt, & sugar. 
  3. Combine oat mixture, oil, & eggs. 
  4. Add dry ingredients & stir till blended. 
  5. Cook on lightly greased griddle or skillet.
*Yield 14-16 Pancakes.

*Substitute buttermilk for 2 1/2 cups milk or 2 1/4 cups milk and 2 tablespoons white vinegar or lemon juice.
*Add more or less salt based on personal preference.
*Use any kind of oil.
*This recipe is very tasty and healthy, too! At our breakfast table, everyone likes a different topping. Some suggestions are yogurt, applesauce, syrup, peanut butter, jelly and honey.

I found mention of the next receipt's fixings in the Washington newspaper in 1841.

We rarely find sweet potatoes as big as the ones Dr. Smith grew, but the ordinary sized ones are readily available in stores today.

"We received a few days since a present of three Sweet potatoes, from Dr. N. D. Smith, of this county. They were raised by him, and rather takes the rag off any potato vines we have heard of. The largest measures 17 inches in length and 15 inches in circumference, and weighs 5 1/4 pounds. We intend having it served up with that odious looking, but eatable varmint, called an Opossum.

O possum and potatoes!
Ye are delicious food,
And your squeamish-stomached haters
Don't know what is good.
[SOURCE: "[We received a few days...]" WT, November 10, 1841.]

Here is all you need to feed a family of 12.

Southern Possum Stew

1 Possum
1 Dumplings
1 Sweet potatoes
1 Onions
1 Salt

After hunting with a lantern in your hand all night, take the possum you have bagged and break his neck by putting your foot on the possum's head and pulling up on his tail. Use boiling water to scald Brother Possum. In a large pan, dress the animal by pulling out those hairs on him. When all is well done, cut Brother Possum into four parts. Add salt and boil the meat until tender. Make your dumplings and add them slowly to the boiling meat. After the possum has boiled about an hour, put the parts into a baking dish. Peel sweet potatoes and slice them thick. Place the slices in the pan around the pieces of possum. Add onions if desired. Bake for 1 hour. This is a Sunday dinner for 12 people with the dumplings.

Just Game Recipes is located at


Coming Soon -

26th Annual Christmas and Candlelight
December 1, 1 p.m. - 8 p.m.
26th Annual Christmas and Candlelight
December 8,  1 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Available volunteer opportunities! Call Vicky at 870-983-2558 or email.

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