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Christmas in the Ozarks

Ozark Folk Center State Park

Celebrate "Christmas in the Ozarks" in Mountain View, Arkansas. The Ozark Folk Center State Park package includes dinner at JoJo's Catfish Restaurant on the White River, two nights' lodging at the Dry Creek Cabins, a music show at the Jimmy Driftwood Music Barn, continental breakfast at the Dry Creek Cabins, a cornshuck angel ornament workshop, deli lunch at the Dry Creek Cabins, shuttle to Blanchard Springs Cavern for "Caroling in the Caverns," dinner for two at the Skillet Restaurant for the Christmas Dinner Theater and a breakfast buffet at the Skillet Restaurant.


North Central

How to Redeem:
Call and ask for the "Christmas in the Ozarks" package.
Toll Free:
1032 Park Avenue
Mountain View, AR 72560

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