Will Apple's Road Trail

Mount Magazine State Park

Region: Arkansas River Valley
Length: 1.6 miles [?] * Approximate time for trail completion - 2 hours (times will vary for equestrian / hiking)
Trail Type: Hiking TrailMountain Biking Trail

Named for a farmer, this trail was the first road to the crest of Mount Magazine. During the 1800s, wagons hauled produce from the mountaintop to the valley using this path. This trail starts just east of the visitor center and ends at the horse camp field. Features include: historic home sites, wildflowers, escaped domestic flowers, woodland songbirds, stone fences, and ruins of a swimming pool built in the 1920s. Mountain bikes are allowed on this trail. Bikers and hikers should be aware and alert. Bikers, signal your presence to hikers when overtaking.

For Information:
Park Superintendent, 16878 Hwy. 309 South, Paris, AR, 72855,
(479) 963-8502

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Trailhead is at the eastern end of the Visitor Center parking lot.

Trailhead Location:
On Scenic Highway 309, 17 miles south of Paris

GPS Coordinates:
35.175123783332 -93.61799955368

Greenfield Trail: 0.09 miles away.
North Rim Trail: 0.11 miles away.
Bear Hollow Trail: 1.05 miles away.