Jackfork Mountain Biking Trail

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Region: Ouachita Mountain
Length: 7.4 [?] * Approximate time for trail completion - 2 hours (times will vary for equestrian / hiking)
Trail Type: Mountain Biking Trail

The Jackfork Mountain Biking Trail is a wonderful intermediate to advanced mountain biking trail through a rarely seen part of the park. Several interesting bridges along with climbs into the rocky slopes of the Fulk Mountains are memorable parts of this trail.

This is a technical mountain biking trail with lots of turns, climbs, descents and rock and root obstructions.

For Information:
Park Superintendent, 11901 Pinnacle Valley Road, Little Rock, AR, 72223,
(501) 868-5806

Trail Visitor Reviews

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I visited the trail while in LR on business. Lots of technical riding with the switchbacks, rocks, and the up-hill rock gardens you have to manuever. If you're looking for a fast and flowy type trail this is not it, but it will hone your tech skilz, and its a great workout. My first ride took aprox. 45 minutes taking the longest route. It will dump you out onto Pinnalce Valley Road close by to the park entrance sign. Thence begins the climb back up to the Visitors Center. I'm thankful for this and the many other outdoor opportunities in the Natural State :) Jeremy Ellis (10/17/2011)

This trail is a great trail that is not to far from west little rock. When used as a mt bike trail, your technical skills and low range endurance will be tested. Wish there was more lengthy descents to build some good speed and less switchback turns. In my opinion it does not compare to anything at camp Robinson, but if you are in the area you will save a lot of time by not having to check into the base and drive all the way up there. This trial is great for the 1 hour + run that it would take to complete on foot. The length is over 8 miles so be prepared to bring lots of water!!! I rate it a 6/10 for mt biking, 9/10 for running! Jeff (12/11/2010)

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Southside of the parking lot.

Trailhead Location:
Lower parking lot near the visitor center.

GPS Coordinates:
34.844460 -92.463731

Ouachita National Hiking Trail: 0.02 miles away.
East Quarry Trail: 0.10 miles away.
Rocky Valley Trail: 0.10 miles away.