Fern Hollow Multi-Use Trail

White Oak Lake State Park

Fern Hollow Trail is a multi-use trail for mountain bikes and hiking. It starts at the Beech Ridge trail head in the tent camp area. Allow 4 to 5 hours for hiking and 2 to 3 hours for biking to complete the 9.8-mile loop. Approximately half-way through you will find a cut-off back to the trail head. At the half-way cut-off you will also find a primitive camp area. If you plan to camp over night be sure to register at the park visitor center.

Additional Trail Information:
The trail gets its name from the many resurrection ferns that grow like ivy on the trunk of trees or on stumps. In dry weather the fern curls up and appears dead. However, with the return of moisture it promptly uncurls and becomes green again. White blazes with a red center mark the route. The Fern Hollow Trail meanders through some of Arkansas’s most unique terrain where you’ll see the unusual plant life of the sand hills, including fascinating members of our woody flora. The Arkansas Oak is another rare member of the sand hill plant community. The tree grows in sandy and loamy soils around the head of small creeks and is usually found under other hardwoods.

Trail Visitor Reviews

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This is a fun, quick trail to ride mountainbikes on. The pine needles and sand make for a challenge, but the trail is overall fairly easy. Without really trying, we were able to bike the whole loop in just under an hour and a half. Many bridges and climbs keep it interesting and there are a few sets of switchbacks to make it exciting. There aren't many quality trails in S. Arkansas, but this is one. B. Shelton (10/25/2011)

5-18-11 I rode the trail this cool morning. The trail is double track wide but restricted to hikers and bikers. It is fast taking only a little over one hour to ride. The trail surface is sandy through pine trees with a lot of pine cones. There are several bridges, some made from stone - cool. Easy ups and fun downs!! mike mitchell (5/18/2011)

We've backpacked overnight and hiked this great trail. In the wintertime, during leaf off season, you can see Bald Eagles, terns, gulls and cormorants from various vantage points along the way. There are scores of massive hickories and beech for fall viewing pleasure and the rare, Arkansas Oak. Additionally, there is an old homeplace with the remaining foundation rocks surrounded by large black walnut trees and a massive, ancient white oak. In the spring, the springs along the trail host a variety of plants and birds including native azaleas, orchids and Louisiana Waterthrushes. Each season, including early summer have their surprises and don't be too surprised to find a rare bird or two during tropical storms. All in all it's a beautiful example of the gulf coastal plains and is well preserved with a fine variety of old growth timber. Kelly Chitwood (9/8/2010)

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This trailhead is shared with the Beech Ridge Trail and Coastal Plain Trail

GPS Coordinates:
33.688248 -93.110443

Beech Ridge Trail: 0.00 miles away.
Coastal Plain Trail: 0.00 miles away.
Spring Branch Trail: 0.20 miles away.