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Who doesn’t enjoy an evening by the fire, nestled in a cabin, in the woods, near a lake? Quiet, peace. Made all the more special as you feel your muscles relax after a day of hiking, kayaking and fishing. Now put yourself in that picture. It’s easy, in Arkansas we have many places where you […]

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Babysitting a Beaver
Only a few short years ago a few friends and a coworker of mine had an unusual experience while kayaking the flooded woods of Moro Bay State Park.  It was spring time and the river rose to the point where it closed the park.  This happens every couple of years at Moro Bay State Park […]

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Getting Your Feet Wet
The best way to learn is to get your feet wet, or at least that is how I feel when I give this program. These park guests are taking part in my creek seining program. It was developed to help monitor the aquatic life found in Lee Creek, but it turned into so much more. […]

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Hard Work and Sweat
Imagine a group of Indians sitting quietly under the shade of a tree, wiping sweat from their brow and calculating how many more trips they must make with their baskets to complete their newest mound.  They have made countless trips already and their efforts are almost complete.  Hard work and sweat were some of the […]

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Wings on the Wind
Sitting on a bluff overlooking a vast landscape is a great way to enjoy a September morning on Mount Magazine. Scanning the horizon with a good set of binoculars helps spot wings on the wind. Southward migration has started for many species of birds and some butterflies. The unpredictable nature of migration watching requires diligence. […]